Steven Greene

From major motion picture writer and producer to senior executive in the entertainment industry, to a pioneer in wireless communications, and now a leader in Blockchain Financial Technology, Steven Greene is a “go-to” entrepreneur for cutting-edge marketing & sales strategies and solutions. His clients have ranged from public companies to celebrities. His unique hybrid hyper-messaging techniques and outsourced sales and marketing solutions have been responsible for accelerating sales, shortening sales cycles, and building the bottom line for businesses at every stage of development.

Mr. Greene created, implemented, and oversaw the signature animated art business as one of his many responsibilities as an Executive Producer and Vice President at Warner Bros. Studios. Over the years, this business evolved from discarded cells in an abandoned warehouse to hundreds of millions of dollars for Warner Bros., as well as becoming one of the pillars maintaining the Warner Bros. legacy, after Mr. Greene initiated it.

As a senior partner at ClickFirst Media, Steven – understanding that the business of every business is sales and marketing – invented and has implemented a unique outsource sales and marketing structure for client organizations that has proven hugely successful and profitable.

Mr. Greene and his partner in ClickFirst Media, Cory Rodriguez, joined with founder Josh Moore to become principals in NFN8 Media and CryptoTech Holdings, where he developed a unique equipment sale/leaseback strategy to grow the Company. These companies are currently pioneering a profitable path in the exploding worldwide Financial Technology Vertical. The team has been featured in hundreds of financial publications along with Greene being interviewed on many T.V. programs, including those broadcast on Fox Business News.

Mr. Greene’s credits include several produced screenplays, published novels, business articles, and books in the success arena. He is the winner of numerous awards for videos and commercials that he has produced and directed. Greene’s unique combination of “out of the box” innovative thinking, true creative credentials, along with C level experience and influence have enabled him to create significant added value for his own, as well as client companies, in addition to becoming sought after as a corporate speaker and consultant.