Joan Dromey

Senior Product Manager – Private Markets, Computershare
Joan Dromey is the Senior Product Manager for Private Markets, at Computershare, N.A. She has wide ranging expertise in ecommerce products/systems, business and systems analysis, process improvement and risk/compliance issues as well as extensive background and knowledge of financial services, capital markets, securities trading and electronic payment processing.

Computershare Investor Services provides comprehensive, best-in-class transfer agent services for over 6,000 corporate clients, including REITs, ETFs and ADRs and administers over 25 million active shareholder accounts. Services include shareholder recordkeeping and account maintenance on proprietary systems, industry-leading shareholder services, robust self-service options via automated telephone and Internet, annual meeting services, dividend disbursement, investment plans, shareholder communications, lost holder and escheatment service. Prior to joining Computershare, Joan worked for several years raising equity capital for real estate and venture private placement offerings (First Winthrop, The Harborside Companies) as well as building a successful practice consulting and providing strategic planning services to entrepreneurs.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) from the College of the Holy Cross.