Juliet Annerino

Juliet Annerino is a content, editorial and copy writer. She is also the Founder of ReputationCheck.io, a platform for reporting sexual harassment/assault anonymously, via a cryptographic system of zero knowledge proofs on the Ethereum protocol.
She creates content and optimizes marketing strategies for blockchain-based and cryptographic technology platforms worldwide. Recent projects she has contributed to include: TaaS (Token as a Service), Hacken, dc10e (international disruptive platform conference), BIC (Blockchain Investors Consortium), Propy (world’s first blockchain real estate platform), Karma (first decentralized smart community) and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (first government regulated blockchain exchange).
She has written editorial articles for the Libertarian Institute and the Center for a Stateless Society, as well as copy for antiwar.com. She has also done research and proofreading for the Reason Foundation.
She considers herself a continuing student and practitioner of psychology, public relations, finance and disruptive technology.