Ken Silverman

Ken Silverman is an American entrepreneur, inventor and computer scientist with 20+ years designing platforms and systems and complex algorithms. Chief Scientist and CEO of blockchain-based cardless banking solution, NationPay ( ), he is the inventor of the bank account ==> token wallet solution. Ken is also CEO of real safe ( ) Proof of Ownership, a corporate management platform that can potentially replace subscription-based management companies such as the Gust Equity Management platform owned in part By David Rose. real safe could become a recognized facilitator of the Delaware Electronic Ledger Initiative. Formerly, co-founder and vice-president of technology at Webmind Inc. co-founded with Ben Goertzel, architecting the AI-engine that formed the base of the Webmind project for hundreds of scientists, the precursor for what became Open-Cog, which will be the mind of Sophia the robot, the first robot citizen and spokes-android for SingularityNET. Former Chairman and CTO of Spotwired, Ken built a sophisticated architecture that provides the heart of his latest social commerce engine under the developer name KenGenius. Designed for merchants to set up their online community representing their real-world location in minutes, each community features point of presence social gifting, on the fly editing of real-world parameters, news, and information. Users are provided the tools of each merchant’s real-world location, embedding gifts in their messages, interacting, meeting new people and gifting old friends alike. Ken first spoke on an open blockchain panel with Alexandra Levin Kramer at the IBREA blockchain conference in New York in 2017 regarding the future of crypto in real estate. There he was the first person to present to the public the idea of solving the entire titling problem by abstraction at the corporate level, in other words via tokenization of the company share unit as a passive action. Since he has authored white papers and architected platform designs for several companies planning ICOs and appeared on over 50 blockchain panels at places such as IT Expo in Ft Lauderdale among others.