Marc Bookman

Marc Bookman is a founder and CEO of Opu Labs, Inc. and brings over 25 years of experience in the software and online services industry. He has been responsible for the development and deployment of several major information technology platforms in the search, document management, mobile, and healthcare sectors. Previously, he worked for Sony in corporate, product and business development roles. He was the product manager of the “Bookman” project where he received his first patent. He then founded Sentius, one of the earliest contextual content companies on the internet. The company’s patented RichLink technology was adopted by major news media, education, and healthcare publishers. The intellectual property continues to be licensed to major software industry players today. Bookman then went on to found MCN, the mobile industry’s first federated search solution launching the service which focused heavily on eCommerce in over twenty major mobile operator portals. Bookman’s expertise is in the areas of company formation, intellectual property, product development, venture financing, M&A and cross-border commerce. He has extensive experience with search, multimedia content, browsers, user interface and handheld devices and has a dozen patents where he was either an inventor or key contributor. He has led the closing of over $40 million in over twenty major corporate financing transactions in the US and Asia.