Aaron Wood

Believing that innovation can be found anywhere, Aaron aims to build connections between people and help reduce the financial inequality gap by seeking and working toward inclusion and diverse solutions. In addition to driving Business and Product Development efforts for non-profit SWARM and the recently founded Swarm Capital, he is the co-founder of Elevate Co-Work & Community in Culpeper, VA – a place for entrepreneurs, makers, and individuals of all sorts to come together, share, and do. Additionally, Aaron operates a small consultancy, Duct Tape & Dreams, offering services to new and growing businesses in the areas of MVP product offerings, design thinking, customer experience design and operations, and change management.

SWARM is building the infrastructure to power the new, emerging digital securities frontier and empowering people to take part in and build on their decentralized framework. Swarm Capital leverages the SWARM protocol, making the tokenization of real world assets a real thing by offering user-friendly, blockchain-powered financial solutions delivering the value creation and democratization made possible by SWARM’s open source tools.

Prior to SWARM, Aaron held various senior leadership roles in digital media and interactive advertising. During that time, he implemented, drove, and built 1st of their kind, repeatable products to support premium, rich, interactive experiences. He also founded, grew, and led large-scale creative development, production, and client services organizations. Aaron has always focused on supporting experimentation, learning, and growth as well as individual empowerment and customer-centric solutions.