Kerem Kolcuoglu

Kerem is an MBA and Partner at Penrose Partners, a blockchain focused
consulting firm advising startups, enterprises and investors on navigating the
blockchain and digital assets space.
Kerem is also the CMO of Mantle Technology, one of the most dynamic
blockchain-based solutions in the market, highlighted by it’s infrastructure
agnosticism and ease of adoption for enterprise.
Kerem is an advisor to the Consulate General of Canada in NY and to the
Canadian Technology Accelerators. He has also been elected as a Founding
Board Member of the Bermuda Innovation & Technology Association (BITA).
Previously at PricewaterhouseCoopers and at MLG Blockchain, he has
consulted multinational enterprises, governments and educational
institutions on understanding and adopting blockchain technology. Bridging
his experience in multiple industries, he has foreseen change and advised
clients on how to navigate digital transformation in an age of disruption.